Roof repairs can get a little expensive depending on the extent of the damages that need to be fixed. Some may cost a couple of hundred dollars, while others can go up to a thousand or even more. So if you are looking into saving some money, you can try to do some of the work yourself. But in order for you to successfully do this, you need to make use of the best products.

Here are the 5 most efficient products for DIY roof repair that you should know of:

1.     EternaBond RoofSeal Tape

This product is the best there is for roof leak repair. You can utilize it to seal any rip, tear, or open seam regardless of the materials that your roofing is made up of. It creates a permanent water-tight seal. That is why this is the number one choice of roofing professionals.

2.     EternaClean Spray Roof Cleaner

If you have EPDM or TPO roofing membranes, you can use this spray roof cleaner to prepare the surface for the application of EPDM peel or stick-type products. You can also utilize it before welding TPO or PVC seams.

3.     Ultrashield Elastometric Roof Topcoat

After re-foaming the damaged parts of your roof, you can apply this type of topcoat to prevent future damages. Since it has highly reflective metal oxide pigments, it also protects your roof from the sun’s UV rays.

4.     Polyprene in Tubes

Whether you are trying to fix your flashings, seams, or pitch pans, this roofing product comes in handy. It is also quite effective in repairing cracks and splits. It helps prevent mud cracking too. And what’s good about it is that you can utilize it in emergency situations.

5.     Polycore Repair Reinforcement Mesh

When you are doing repairs, especially on the most critical areas of your roof, you can utilize this product to add reinforcement and make the repair a lot stronger and long-lasting.